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project 1

The Last of the Mohikians

Format: Sitcom
Channel: СТС
Length: 24 minutes, 80 eps.

Joint production with “YBW-Group”.

Karen Mohikian is nearly 50 years old. He is the last man in the proud family of the Mohikians. And not just because he has three daughters and is unlikely to be blessed with a male heir at his age. He also belongs to that fast disappearing kind of people who have never made a video phone call, for whom mail is something on paper and most importantly who do not give in to “this is how it’s done these days” or “come on, you’re living in the 21st century!” Younger viewers will recognise in him their parents, older ones might just see themselves.

project 1

Yummy Mummies

Format: Sitcom
Channel: СТС
Length: 24 minutes, 60 eps.

Joint production with “YBW-Group”.

This is a series about three female friends and how life suddenly changes after thirty when staying up late to party is swapped for staying up late to change nappies.
Anya is a new mother who is just starting out on the road of family and motherhood. Sometimes she feels like she’s losing it – had it not been for her trusted girl-confidantes.
Yulia is an experienced mother of three. So experienced and so absorbed in her family’s wellbeing that she has long since seized to have any time for herself. Yet she’s convinced she knows everything: at least everything about kids, relationships and men.
And then there’s Vika. She is single and she’s looking.

project 1

House for Happiness

Format: Sit. Com.
Channel:: TV Company “New Channel” LLC
Duration:: 24 minutes, 16 episodes
A young uptown girl Masha (Galina Bezruk) agrees to the proposal of her beloved husband Max (Konstantine Voitenko) to start their own business and open an ostrich farm in a nearby village. The young couple moves from the loud, busy capital, into Max’s grandmother’s house, where he had spent his childhood. Will they be able to survive in the village? The couple’s adventures are enriched through their interaction with the nosy neighbors – Vasiliy (Nazar Zadneprovsky) and Lyuba (Vitalina Bibliv). Wise with life experience, they are hesitant to accept the newly-arrived couple into their community. They see them as something peculiar, but horribly interesting. The emotional dialogue between the village and the city breeds many comical misunderstandings and amusing incidents.

project 1

It’s Love!

Format: Sitcom
Channel: СТС
Length: 24 minutes, 40 eps

Joint production with “YBW-Group”.

Moving, funny, unexpected and yet familiar to anyone stories from the life of six friends who are figuring out real love.
Nastya and Andrey have just recently moved in together and are starting to understand that strong relationship is built not only on love and romance but also on lots and lots of patience.
Anya and Pavel have gone through the initial getting-used-to-each-other-stage a while ago: they live together and have a baby but they don’t own a home and have to share with Anya’s dad’s who incidentally isn’t reconciled to his daughter’s choice of partner.
And speaking about choices – Olya and Dmitriy can’t figure out what’s theirs when they wake up in the same bed one morning. Are they in love or just friends with benefits?

Добрый вечер. Вечернее развлекательное юмористическое шоу

Good Evening

Format: Evening light entertainment comedy show.
Channel: 1+1
Length: 78 minutes, 8 eps

The show’s original idea was conceived by IQ Productions. Dmitriy Diachenko who directed “Radio Day”, “What Men Talk About” and “”A Kitchen in Paris” (all hit comedies in Russia and the FSU) was invited to direct this show combining the most diverse comedy genres. Hosts’ monologues, musical numbers, unexpected analysis of last week’s news, cheeky and provocative interviews with star guests, mini-series, chat-shows, parodies and comic sketches – each edition of “Good Evening” is hosted by an invited celebrity and becomes a delicious bundle of surprises. Gosha Kutsenko, Marat Basharov, Leonid Yarmolnik, Renata Litvinova, Aleksandr Revva, Natalia Bochkariova, Igor Vernik and other stars have hosted this show.

«Верю не Верю!» - тревел-шоу

Believe It or Not

Format: Travel show
Channel: Friday
Length: 48 minutes, 37 eps

Another original show from IQ Productions. In each episode, the jolly bearded presenter-guide Andrey Bednyakov travels to yet another dream destination. At the same time, he presents every place in an unexpected way: by telling stories and playing an imaginary game of Cheat with the viewer. He will tell you 5 stories about the place he is in, four of them will be absolutely true and one – a load of nonsense. But the stories he will tell you, even the true ones, sound completely bonkers! For instance, “In Ethiopia there is fly-producing factory”, or “The Dutch government pays for sex for its citizens”. The stories you will hear will sound incredible, yet four out of five will be true and one is fake. Can you guess which one?

Без Границ

Without Borders

Format: Comedy
Channel: Film Company NEBO, CTC
Length: 92 minutes

Our screen writers created the script jointly with a team from Nebo Film Company.

Stories in this series start off at a Moscow airport from where the character’s travel on to the picturesque valleys of Armenia, leafy green streets of Tbilisi and festive lights of Moscow at Christmas in search of love – passionate and unforgettable, naïve and silly, moving and sad, happy and mindless, love that knows no boundaries and limits, cares not for age nor ethnicity.

Большие чувства – Скетчком


Format: Sketch-show
Channel: Friday
Length: 24 minutes, 40 eps

Naughty but not dirty. Who says you can’t joke about sex? You just need to know how. And we do! “Feelings” is the most romantic of all comedies about what you need to do in bed. Fear of the wedding night and jealousy, passion and shame, desire and tenderness, and, of course, love with all its funny twists and turns. Charming, familiar yet unexpected in places: follow the adventures of our energetic characters.

Звезданутые – пародийное скетч-шоу

F Star Crazy

Format: Parody sketch-show
Channel: Friday
Length: 24 minutes, 20 eps

Having become famous, they’ve sealed their own fate: no more private life! “Gleb Pianykh”, “Elena Malysheva”, “Andrey Malakhov” will show you what those celebrities are really like. No censorship, no limits, you will see them just the way they are: eccentric verging on screwed up and f-crazy!
“Filipp Kirkorov bought a woman he can hit” (referring to the Russian star’s tendency to get violent with female journalists at press-conferences)
“Garik Kharlamov choked on his own voice”
“Vasserman’s waist coat lives its own night life” – you can read about all of this in tabloids. And this is exactly what the characters in this show will show you the way the stars themselves would not be able to.

Патруль – реалити шоу


Format: Reality show
Channel: Espresso TV
Length: 48 minutes, 104 eps.

Daily reality show which gained much attention and publicity in Ukraine. A joint project with the Ministry of Interior saw a group of journalists follow the new Ukrainian traffic police as they fulfil their daily rounds and show the real work, real success and real mistakes of a police force trying to shake off the shadow of the corrupt past.

ООН – развлекательное ток-шоу

The UN

Format: Comedy chat show
Channel: TET
Length: 40 minutes, 20 eps.

How to act sane on first date? How to tell your landlord who’s trying to raise your rent to get lost – politely? To take out a bank loan to buy a new iPhone – how sensible is that?
A bunch of handsome male foreigners living in Ukraine for over 3 years will pretend to speak at a serious international assembly – UN General Assembly, no less. They look serious, they talk serious, they are serious chaps yet their topics and conversation style are anything but: they joke around and share anecdotes – a far cry from the boring international meetings of government officials.
In each episode, the meeting is joined by a celebrity guest who will take part in a discussion dedicated to a particular subject: renting a flat, meeting a girl, missing home.

Шалений тиждень. Политико-юмористические ток-шоу

Mad Week

Format: Satirical news and current affairs show
Channel: TVi
Length: 52 minutes

Satirical weekly roundup of the latest news. The show’s energetic and lively host Leonid Senkevich jokes about serious matters of Ukraine’s political and economic goings-on.

Хунта News. Общественно-политический, сатирический выпуск новостей

Junta News

Format: Satirical news and current affairs show
Channel: Espresso TV
Length: 52 minutes, 142 eps

Leonid Senkevich presents the daily hour-long dose of satirical news discussing events in Ukraine and abroad with spark and humour. In each program the presenter conducts an interview with a politician or celebrity guest with whom he draws the comedy and satire from recent news stories.


team 1

Victor Medvedsky

General Producer

team 1

Oksana Ivanyuk

General Producer

team 1

Sergey Atroshchenko

General Producer

team 1

Maxim Voronkov

Creative Producer

team 1

Maxim Konoval

Creative Producer

team 1

Oleg Zborovsky

Creative Producer

team 1

Nikolay Svitlitsky

Executive Producer

team 1

Nataly Rysenko

Financial Director


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